Eudaimonia is an experiment that is work-in-progress as in continuation of previous works. It attempts to create an audio-visualization of multiple participants and explores the potential of seeing the connection between the participants who are responding to neurofeedback.

“How might different groups from various cultural, ethnic, gender, or demographic backgrounds interact with one another?”

“If emotions are a universal language, can they transcend cultural or language barriers through an unspoken understanding?”

The brainwave visualizations from the Eudaimonia app can be found in this link. This shows that everyone is uniquely different. Depending on the participant's experience interacting with another participant while wearing brainwave headsets, the outcome of their brainwave visualizations' shape and form are different. Blue color represents 'Meditation' values and Red color represents 'Attention' values. 

Photos by: Momo Nakayama

Mobile Application developed by: Jihyun Lee
Used tone.js written by: Yotam Mann


• An article by HYPERALLERGIC
• An article by The Creators Project

Year: 2015
Medium: Eunoia II installation, custom-build mobile application