Eunoia II delved deeper into Park's work with brainwave sensors with this piece. The work was comprised of 48 speakers with aluminum plates of varying size, each containing a pool of water. The layout of “Eunoia II” was inspired by Gan Gyil, an Asian Buddhist symbol which means “balance.”

During the performance, the Emotiv brainwave sensor continuously transmitted emotional values (data) picked up by the headset. The collected data of emotional values (Frustration, Meditation, Boredom, Engagement and Excitement) was then able to modulate the speed, panning, and volume of sound. The intensity levels were dictated by the intensity of real-time states provided by the artist. It was a performance piece that used brainwave data to physically manifest the artist’s current states as ripples in pools of water.

In this work, water became a mirror of the artist’s inner self. So, the work aimed to visually reflect the vibrations of the artist’s mind by reflecting herself on the surface of the water.

Year: 2014
Dimensions: 18ft x 18ft x 2ft
Medium: Consumer-available brainwave headset (Emotiv EPOC), 48 speakers, Speaker wires, 48 Aluminum plates, Water, Computer (MaxMSP, Emotiv EPOC software)

Hardware & software programmed by: Colin Harrington
Software Programmed by: Amal Lal

"I wanted to make a connection that our brainwaves, feelings, sound waves are all frequencies of energies. That is why my work attempts to embody this idea of giving the invisible a physical form to create an external representation of myself." — Lisa Park —