Harmony is an interactive performance which explores the balance of Yin and Yang.

What makes this world such a beautiful place is how its contrasts work in perfect harmony with one another. We are bound by our dualities. Light and darkness, men and women – we coexist together as components of a mutual whole. Even though there are contrary forces in play that are seemingly opposite, they create harmony because these forces are also interconnected and complementary.

That means there is beauty to find in the conflicts and struggles which happen in life. Each perspective offers something new and wonderful to explore. We may have different cultures, spiritual beliefs, and national borders which divide us. At the same time, if we embrace these differences, something wonderful is created through the harmony of each relationship we form.

As a project, "Harmony" projects the sounds and visualizations of creation. This includes the Universe, Nature, and Humanity. As a female dancer performs as Yin, represented by the Moon, a male dancer performs as Yang, represented by the Sun. Yin and Yang then perform together, exploring the symmetries present, to symbolize the balance which harmony creates. "Harmony" is also a sound-responsive performance. Sounds are amplified when the two dancers come together to represent the different voices each person contributes to the whole.

This interactive performance is commissioned by the National Taiwan University as part of the artist residency project organized by the DEOA. The residency was held for about one month and "Harmony" was a premiere at the opening event. 


Commissioned by: National Taiwan University 國立臺灣大學
Organized and supported by: Dimension Endowment of Art 財團法人中華民國帝門藝術教育基金會 
Choreographers/Dancers: WenJinn Luo, Lucas Kao
Special Thanks to: Peter Shyong, Sophia Cheng, Ai-Ming Lo, Peggy Huang, Cindy Hsin, Sally Lee

Year: 2018