Harmony is an interactive audio-visual performance which explores the balance of Yin and Yang through the sounds and visualizations of creation.

We are bound by our dualities. Light and darkness, men and women – we coexist as components of a mutual whole. Even though there are opposing forces at play, they harmonize in interconnected and complementary ways.

We may have different cultures, spiritual beliefs, and perspectives that divide us, however if we embrace these differences harmonious relationships can be formed. There is beauty to be found in life’s conflicts and struggles.

The work begins with the creation of the universe, nature, and humanity visualized through a projection. Following the introduction, a female dancer performs as Yin, representing the Moon, a male dancer performs as Yang, representing the Sun. Yin and Yang then perform together to explore the symmetries present and to symbolize the balance harmony creates. Sounds correspond to the dancers’ touch, amplifying with the degree of physical interaction. The two dancers interact to represent their different contributions to overall harmony.

Year: 2018
Medium: Bare conductive paint, microcontroller, custom-programmed software, Projector screen, PC

Supported by: National Taiwan University 國立臺灣大學
Commissioned by: National Taiwan University Campus Planning Office (國立臺灣大學校園規劃小組)
Curated by: Dimension Endowment of Art (財團法人中華民國帝門藝術教育基金會)
Choreographed and performed by: WenJinn Luo (羅文瑾), Lucas Kao (高辛毓)
Thanks to: Peter Shyong (熊鵬翥), Sophia Cheng (鄭韻伶), Ai-Ming Lo (羅愛名), Peggy Huang (黃佩琪), Cindy Hsin (辛亭頤), Sally Lee (李竺恩)