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Apple opened its newest location at the Carnegie Library on Mount Vernon Square (Washington D.C), which is Apple’s most extensive historic restoration project to date. For Apple Carnegie Library’s opening event “StoryMakers Festival”, 40 artists, poets, activists, musicians, photographers, filmmakers, and community builders were invited to celebrate storytelling and inspire the public to tell their own stories. This festival runs for 6 Weeks, from May 18th to June 29th.

Rhythm (vr.2) was developed as part of “StoryMakers Festival”, Art Lab for Kids: Heartbeat of D.C. with Lisa Park, a lecture and workshop event that happened on May 18th.

Rhythm (vr.2) is an interactive and participatory installation that invites 2 audience members to create a live, digital painting based on their detected heartbeats. It is a collaborative painting

The Rhythm app is used with a proprietary software to draw a digital abstract painting with your heartbeats. using Apple Watch paired with iPhone, the App monitors your heartbeats.

Your heartbeats control the thickness of the brushmarks to crate the dripping painting.

is an interactive and participatory installation that creates a live, digital painting

Year: 2019
Medium: Apple Watches, iPhones, Custom-built software "Rhythm" and iOS App

Lead Creative Technologist: Jihyun Lee

Special Thanks to Today At Apple Team.