NUE [누에: Silkworm in Korean] is an installation and real-time sound performance generated by an artist’s brainwave data. The inspiration of the work came from a silkworm’s life cycle and its metamorphosis. The artist uses 150 meter white dress and the draped fabric transforms the physical space of 4DSOUND (12m x 20m x 5m sound structure) into her own world.

The custom-built mobile application receives brainwave data -- Concentration, Mellow, Alpha, Beta, Delta, Theta and Gamma -- from Muse EEG headset via Bluetooth and sends OSC messages with the data to the 4DSOUND system. Driven by the artist’s brainwave data, a soundscape unfolds that encompasses the audience in its unraveling of the structure of the extended draped fabric of the dress. Based on the artist’s current state during NUE, the sonic textures either melts together or fall apart depending on whether she is focused, distracted, or meditative. 

"NUE" was created with 4DSOUND team as part of the artist-in-residence program. The performance was premiered in Hague, The Netherlands for TodaysArt Festival 2015.

Sound designed by: Salvador BreedStijn Van Beek (4DSOUND)
Mobile application developed by: Jihyun Lee
Photos by: Georg Schroll and Jan Rijk

• Daily VICE (Video) from 5:08 - 6:15
• An Article by The Creators Project

• An Article by The Creators Project, The Netherlands

Year: 2015
Dimension: 40ft x 65ft x 16ft (4DSOUND), 500ft custom white dress
Medium: Muse brainwave headset, custom-build mobile application, Ubisense movement tracking sensor, Computer (MaxMSP, Albeton), 4DSOUND system (black columns, grid, 48 omnidirectional speakers, 9 subs)