Blooming highlights the importance of human presence and physical connection in our lives.
It cannot be bloomed alone and is only bloomed by the relationship between people.”


In the digital age, technology is now an integral part of our lives. The Internet, smartphones, and electronics have been used as a means of communication. But there are some areas that technology cannot fill. 
"Blooming" is an interactive audiovisual installation that highlights the importance of human connection. It takes the form of a life-size 3D Cherry blossom tree, which is a common symbol of social ties and transience of life in East Asian culture. 

As a response to participants' skin-to-skin contacts, heart rate, and gestures, "Blooming" blossoms according to their intimacy. As audience members hold hands or embrace, the digital Cherry tree flowers bloom and scatter. When they let go off their physical contacts, the flower return to its pre-bloom state. The color of the flowers turns white or red based on participants' heart rate as they interact with each other. (the faster the heart rate, the redder the tonality; the slower the heart rate, the whiter the tonality). In addition to the visual responses, sounds are also modulated according to the tree's different stages: pre-bloom, blooming, petals falling.

The beauty of the tree in full bloom is an illustration of how physical contact enhances and brightens the human spirit. When a cherry blossom tree flourishes, as it does in "Blooming," it is a reminder of human relationships at their peak. 

Commissioned and Supported by Nokia Bell Labs & New Museum
Created and Directed by Lisa Park
Sensor Development & Collaboration: Gang Huang (Nokia Bell Labs)
Technical Consultant: Sensorium Works
Technical Lead: Todd Bryant
3D Petals: Capitan Alegria
3D Assets: Jeremy Thompson
Heart Rate App Developer: Jihyun Lee
Gesture Tracking Developer: Kat Sullivan
Original Music: Antfood

Year: 2018
Dimensions: 19ft (W) X 13ft (H)
Medium: Touch sensors, Arduino, Heart rate sensors, Gesture tracking sensor, Custom-programmed softwares, Projector screen, PC

Thanks to NEW INC: Julia Kaganskiy, Lindsay Howard, Alexandra Darby, Mike Kelberman, Rain Embuscado Thanks to Bell Labs: Domhnaill Hernon, Sanjay Patel, Paul Wilford, Gang Huang, Ray Golden, Jacquilene Jacob, Kim Matthews, Ed Shutter, Jong Hoon Ahn, Rich Abbot


Nokia Bell Labs EAT “Only Human” - Blooming Lisa Park at Mana Contemporary 2018

Nokia Bell Labs EAT - Blooming by Lisa Park at SXSW 2019


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