Lisa Park (b.1987) is a Korean-American artist based in New York and South Korea. She is best-known for her work with biofeedback devices, such as heart rate and brainwave sensors to display physiological measurements as auditory and visual representations. In creating art installations and performances with using sensor technology, she strives to explore the importance of human relationships and connection.

Her work has been featured by Art21, Artnet, The Creators Project, New York Times T magazine, Wired, PBS, Time Out NY, the New York Post, and through many other media outlets. Park is also a recipient of the New York Foundation for the Arts Fellowship.

리사박은 미디어 아티스트/설치미술가로서 뉴욕과 한국을 기반으로 활동하고 있다. 미국 아트센터디자인 대학 에서 학사 과정으로 순수미술을 전공하였고, 뉴욕대 티쉬예술학교 에서 인터랙티브 아트 프로그램(ITP)으로 석사 과정을 마쳤다.

2014년 뉴욕예술재단 펠로우십(New York Foundation for the Arts Fellowship) 디지털 아트부문 수상자이며, 애플 “스토리메이커스 페스티벌" (미국), 뉴뮤지엄(미국), 스미소니언 아시안 퍼시픽 아메리칸센터(미국), 홍콩아트센터(홍콩), 내셔널 센터 포 컨템포러리 아트(러시아), 투데이즈 아트(네덜란드), 뉘 블랑쉬(캐나다), 대전 시립미술관(한국)등 국내외 여러 미술관에서 전시한 바 있다. 

국립현대미술관, 뉴욕대, 파슨스, 사우스 바이 사우스웨스트(SXSW), 국립대만대학교, 홍익대학교등 에서 강연 경력이 있다.

아트21, 아트넷, 뉴욕타임스 매거진, 와이어드, VICE 크리에이터스 프로젝트, MIT 프레스, 타임아웃뉴욕, 뉴욕포스트, PBS, 중앙일보, YTN, KBS 다큐멘터리 ‘미래기획2030’ ‘넥스트휴먼’ 등을 통해 작품들이 보도되었다.


Press & Inquiries:

Studio contact:
+82 2-549-7502

363 Samil-daero,
Jung-gu, Seoul
Republic of Korea, 04541
서울특별시 중구 삼일대로 363 장교빌딩



2018 Nokia Bell Labs X NEW INC, Artist in Residence, New Jersey, USA
2018 National Taiwan University 國立臺灣大學, Artist in Residence, Taipei, Taiwan
2017 MASS MoCA, The Studio: Artist in Residence, Massachusetts, USA
2015 4DSOUND, Artist in Residence, Budapest, Hungary
2014-16 New Museum, NEW INC member, New York, USA
2014 New York Foundation for the Arts Fellowship (Digital/Electronic Arts)


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Museum of Contemporary Art Busan, “마음현상:나와 마주하기”, South Korea
ARTECHOUSE, “In Peak Bloom”, Washington D.C
SXSW (South by South West), Austin, Texas
2018 National Taiwan University, "Art to Heart: 水流心田", Taipei, Taiwan
MANA Contemporary (Nokia Bell Labs X NEW INC), "Only Human", NJ
2017 MANA Contemporary BSMT "Flatland", Miami, FL
Simons Center gallery, "Manifesting Invisibles", Stony Brook, NY
Hong Kong Art Centre, Pao Galleries, "ifva award", Hong Kong
2016  Smithsonian Asian Pacific American Center, "CTRL+ALT", New York, NY
Nuit Blanche Toronto, "And the Transformation Reveals", Toronto, Canada
Storefront for Art and Architecture, "Work in Progress", New York, NY
MassArt, "Encircling the World", Boston, MA
New Museum's Skyroom, "NEW INC's Public Beta", New York, NY
2015  National Centre for Contemporary Arts, "Dialogues of Light and Sound", Moscow
Todays Art Festival 2015, Hague, The Netherlands
Red Bull Studios, "NEW INC End-of-Year Showcase", New York, NY
Reverse gallery, "SYNAESTHETICS", Brooklyn, NY
2014  Daejeon Museum of Art, "Daejeon Biennial", South Korea
Digital Art Center, "Digital Art Festival 2014", Taipei, Taiwan
New York Hall of Science, "Maker Faire", Corona, NY


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2019 RISD, Graduate Thesis Advisor/Critic (Digital + Media)
2018 NYU, Graduate Thesis Advisor/Critic (Interactive Telecommunications Program)


2013 MPS Interactive Telecommunications Program, NYU Tisch School of the Arts, NY
2009 BFA Fine Art, Art Center College of Design, Pasadena, CA