Eunoia used a consumer-grade EEG brainwave headset to obtain real-time feedback for this performance piece. The name is derived from the Greek words for “well” and “mind,” which translates to “beautiful thought. The headset physically manifested the artist’s current mental state within pools of water, offering a direct visualization of thought and emotion.

During the performance, Park used the headset to measure brain activities, so they could be translated into soundwaves, and then transmitted via Bluetooth to produce sounds through Reaktor and Max/MSP. Standing in the center of five flat 24-inch dishes containing a thin layer of water, the sounds produced would mirror the intensity of the artist’s real-time thoughts and emotions.

The NeuroSky EEG headset was able to monitor several common brainwave frequencies, including alpha, beta, delta, gamma, and theta. These collective data represented ‘Attention’ and ‘Meditation’. The custom written code calibrated the volume, pitch, and panning of the sound associated with my varying ‘Attention’, and ‘Meditation’ values.

Programmed and Sound Designed by: Tony Lim
Processing code (Open Source) by: Eric Blue

Year: 2013
Medium: 5 Aluminum plates, 5 Speakers, Water, Speaker wires, 1 Audio Interface, Neurosky brainwave headset