LUMA is an interactive, sound-responsive light installation that was inspired by the natural phenomena of bioluminescence and the fairy tales of youth.

Resembling a cluster of white dandelions, the installation is comprised of several million fiber optic strands, which are illuminated by internal LEDs that are activated by sound. Two microphones were installed for this project. During the exhibition period, visitors were invited to interact with LUMA through microphones inside the gallery as well as outside of the building after business hours. Based on the length and volume of sound produced when singing or talking into the microphone, light clusters start to travel around the whole installation and their brightness changed accordingly. 

Year: 2015
Dimensions: 14ft 11inch (D) x 27ft (W) x 9ft 3inch (H)
Medium: 5000 Fiber optic bundles, 2 Microphones, 80 LEDs, Speaker wires, 40 of 3D printed spheres

Created in collaboration with Kevin Siwoff, LUMA is premiered at Red Bull Studios, New York in 2015 for the NEW INC Showcase in 2015.