Rhythm is an interactive installation that translates the user’s heart beats into abstract visualization in real-time. A participatory work of time-based art, it allows participants to make rhythmic gestures of their heart beats. The detected heart beats modulate the thickness of each brush marks, which creates a recreation of one’s physical and emotional states. The resting heart beats is associated with thinner brush marks and faster heart beats creates thicker marks based on the participant’s heart bpm.

The movements of the brush marks are inspired by Pollock’s dripping painting technique (One of his paintings is entitled Rhythm). Color palettes are randomly generated, but the variation of the palettes are sourced from Vincent van Gogh's Starry Night, Jackson Pollock's Convergence & Autumn Rhythm, Claude Monet's Marine Pourville & The Iris Garden at Giverny & Venice the Grand Canal. The aim of this work is to create an enjoyable and playful experience for the visitors to create their own unique piece that captures their personality, emotion, and moments. 

Year: 2016
Medium: Polar H7 heart rate sensor, 65" TV Screens, Mac Mini, Custom-built software "Rhythm"

Lead Creative Technologist: Jihyun Lee

During the exhibition, the visitors were allowed to try it for 5 minutes. After the experience, their heart visualizations were automatically posted on @project.rhythm Instagram and @project_rhythm Twitter accounts.